Wrongfully imprisoned for 16 years, man falsely accused of rape by ‘Lovely Bones’ author awarded $5.5 million in compensation.

Anthony J. Broadwater, 62, served 16 years behind bars after being wrongfully accused of raping author Alice Sebold.

The State of New York has agreed to pay Anthony J. Broadwater $5.5 million for his wrongful conviction of rape, which stemmed from a 1981 attack on author Alice Sebold. Broadwater, who spent 16 years in prison, expressed his appreciation for the Attorney General’s actions and hopes that others in similar situations will also find justice. Broadwater was prosecuted for the rape, despite the fact that the victim had identified a different man as her attacker during a police lineup conducted six months after the incident.

During Broadwater’s trial, Sebold testified and pointed to him as her attacker when asked if he was present in the courtroom. He was convicted and sentenced to 8⅓ to 25 years in prison. After serving 16 years, Broadwater was added to New York’s sex offender registry. Sebold later authored The Lovely Bones and a memoir called Lucky, which detailed the attack.

Since his exoneration, Sebold has apologized to Broadwater and his supporters. While he’s accepted Sebold’s apology — “If it’s sincere, and from her heart, I can accept it,” he said — he never read her memoir.

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