What I Learned On My Journey

Flying home from Jacksonville Florida after being gone for 2 whole weeks

When I left my house of April 26th to return on May 10th, I knew I would have fun but I can now say that having fun was an understatement. I also developed long lasting friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Something about this trip was different for me. Yes, I’ve been on plenty of trips. Some good, some great and some I ask myself WTF lol. This trip however was a successful business and a very successful pleasure trip. I learned so much from being around great people. When you have 300 plus people all together on one accord, it was a beautiful thing. Let’s run down the trip. First stop Los Angeles!! (After I missed my flight of course LOL)

So I get to L.A on Wednesday to hang out with my cousin Bree for her birthday. It was so good seeing her. Happy Birthday Bree!!! Gotta get all my real shenanigans out the way before Aunt Brenda gets to town LOL!

Thursday was business meetings so I had to be on my best behavior. Plus Aunt Brenda was in town and at the request of Aunt Jackie….she brought her belt along LOL!!!!! Now you all saw that we were switching out drivers like panties looking for a driver to take us to rodeo drive. If you missed those Shaynanigans check out our social media handles.

Friday Night! The Ripped Bodice was LIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome time at the Q&A and book signing with New York Times, USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Jackson and Voice Actor Extraordinaire Ron Butler. Hosted by yours truly!!

Jack Levy, Brenda Jackson and Mark Knell

Saturday!!! Cruise time!!!

I had so much fun on the cruise! Quick run down…. Party, Games, Meet and Greet with Brenda Jackson, Party, Karaoke, Casino, Dinner, Did I say party? Excursions in Mexico, Shopping, dancing, eating, More parties!!!

Multi Award Winning Author Sheryl Lister (Middle)


So after an amazing time in Cali and on the cruise. I had to stop in Jacksonville for some family time with some more of my cousins and Aunties. Happy 75th Birthday Aunt Gwen!!

Simply The Best

Well players, needless to say, I had the best 14 days with family, old friends and new friends! The presence of my new friendships during the cruise added an extra layer of joy and companionship that made the journey unforgettable. The way we effortlessly connected and shared laughter, stories, and dreams created an atmosphere of camaraderie and love that I will always cherish. This is the type of experience you receive on a Brenda Jackson Readers Reunion Cruise. I hope to see you on the next one. Until then….be safe and stay positive.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! The way you captured the moments it is easy to see the adventures through your eyes.

  2. Hi Shay,
    This cruise was rocking and my first time on the Brenda Jackson Readers Reunion, I truly enjoyed it and like you I made new friendships that will never be forgotten. Shay, you were an awesome host on the book signing event and the report on other events and activities that took place, the beautiful pictures posted and other activities posted for the entire time and many great memories. May God’s continual Blessings be upon and around you, your business, your family and all the future plans. Among another other great things is that I have added another beautiful daughter to my life. Keep Jeremiah 29:11 in your heart.
    Love you 😍

    1. Gayle!!!! You are so amazing. I adore the friendship and now family that we have become. You were one of the people that made this experience a true delight. I laugh every time I think about how we watched my phone go overboard LOL!!!! Or when you shut down the dinner dancing! We had so much fun. I can’t wait to our next adventures together. #familyforlife

  3. Looks like you all had an awesome time! Ron Butler looks like his smooth voice, good to put a face to that tremendous voice of his. I am go glad all of you had a great time, that you had safe travels and that you are back to plan for the next great cruise!

  4. Well, Well, WELL! Look what I found. Love This Cruise Summary ShayBaby. Excellent Review of Our Wonderful Trip to Mexico. You are Always Awesome and Thanks for the Snapshot you of Me. 🌹♥️

  5. It is so awesome to see the love and enjoy that you had on these trips! It looks like you’ve met some amazing people. Shsy you are such a good storyteller that I know your book is insite and I can’t wait to read it. I also can’t wait to hear what the title is going to be.

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