USA Today “On Hiatus”

USA Today Bestseller List “On Hiatus” After Longtime Editor Is Laid Off

As part of significant layoffs at USA Today and Gannett, approximately 200 newsroom employees were let go at the beginning of December, including longtime editor of the USA Today Best-Selling Books list Mary Cadden. She produced the list since 2007. (Cadden can be reached at

Following her departure, the paper did not issue the new weekly list due on December 8 (for sales through December 4). The last live list covers sales through November 27. The newspaper’s managing editor for life and entertainment Laura Trujillo tells PL in answer to our query that, “As the end of the year approaches, USA Today Books List will be on hiatus. We look forward to sharing an update in 2023.” The paper will post a note about the suspension online this week.

Since its launch in the fall of 1993, the USA Today list has held a point of distinction from other lists in ranking book based on unit sales alone, regardless of format and price point.

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