Shaynanigans continues in Cali with New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Brenda Jackson

Thinking of a master plan! LOL!!!!

Hey y’all hey!!!!! I am having so much fun in LA. Now I’m not gone lie,,,that travel day was a hot mess LOL!!! Hunni a girl child missed her flights but the airline said we gonna get you there! Iris Bolling and MidnightAce was worrying all day about me. When I finally got to LA I think they just turned their phones off to get some rest LMBAO! No sir they kept them on…. So after I crashed Iris’s and Midnight’s live I went to my room to catch a nap (yeah right) It was my cousin’s Bree birthday so you know the turn up started. Not too much tho because a girl was working in between my foolishness and we all know that Auntie Brenda has me in check! She even packed a belt for me y’all!! Aunt Jackie made sure of that LOL!!!!!! Gotta love it! Book signing is later today so stay tuned for pics. It’s 12:55am here so I am about to get some shut eye. If you’re in the Cali area stop by The Ripped Bodice at 7pm for a Q&A with Brenda Jackson and Voice actor Ron Butler. Chat soon!

Car Shaynanigans

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