Friendship Matters Bookiversary

Save the Date – February 5, 2024


We will be celebrating Friendship Matters’ 2nd Bookiversary📚 and we hope you’ll join in on the fun! There are some exciting things planned so mark your 🗓️  You’ll be able to join via Facebook or YouTube!

Friendship Matters” is an award-winning, poignant, light-hearted yet dramatic romantic comedy about three women whose bond is tight and characteristics are so relatable, you’ll view them as your friends. Despite their ups and downs, these women find a way to love, laugh and uplift one another, thus showing us why Friendship Matters.

The story is authentic, relationships endearing, and twists are hilariously shocking.  So much so, that by the end of the story you’ll be rooting for each one of them and wanting more.

To meet the three unforgettable characters, Saisha, Euniqé and Kandace and grab your copy of this award-winning story you can go to or click below: 

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