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Hey y’all hey! So I’m in Chicago with the Chicago North Romance Writers. They are hosting an event called Books and Bloom. BBBAAAAABBBBBYYYYY when I tell you that USA Today Bestselling Author Sherry Thomas is HILARIOUS AND GOOD!!! For me to be up early at an 8am workshop tells you a lot! LOL. I had to wake my ass up, grab my slick partner MidnightAce from MidnightAce Book Bar and come to hangout with Sherry. Her workshop is called The Anatomy of a Romance.

I interviewed Sherry on April 12th and the interview was more than interesting to say the least. She was so transparent about being an author that it was HILARIOUS!!!!! She was so open with the struggles about becoming an author and the whole writing process. I enjoyed hearing her tenacity towards the literature world. Me being a mystery romance addict I thoroughly enjoy her spend on the great detective Sherlock Holmes with her Lady Sherlock Series. I’m not the only one that echos this sentiment. Reader’s Digest has deemed the series one of the 10 Best Mystery Book Series to Read in 2023. Sherry has also won the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award twice.

Now a little about Sherry…..

Sherry Thomas is a highly acclaimed historical romance author who gained attention with her debut novel, Private Arrangements, which was one of the most anticipated historical romances in recent history and was named a Publishers Weekly Best of the Year book. Lisa Kleypas, another prominent romance author, has praised her as “the most powerfully original historical romance author working today.” Her books have received glowing reviews from numerous publications such as Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Chicago Tribune, and Romantic Times, as well as from many popular romance review websites and blogs.

What makes her story even more fascinating is that English is her second language, and she had to use an English-Chinese dictionary to make her way through Rosemary Roger’s Sweet Savage Love. Despite this challenge, she enjoys creating stories that capture readers’ hearts. When she’s not writing, she contemplates the unique aspects of her profession, plays computer games with her sons, and reads as many wonderful books as she can get her hands on.

Check out or interview with Sherry:

What more can I say! She is an amazing author and an amazing person! Her personality lights up a room and as we say in the south “I’m here for it”! If you haven’t picked up anything from this author I suggest you run and grab The Lady Sherlock Series.

My gift from Sherry

Workshop attendees are loving this class

Stay tuned for pics from the Q&A and Book signing…

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