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Cheris F. Hodges

The writing bug bit hard and early for Bennettsville, SC native Cheris F. Hodges. As a student at Marlboro County High School, Hodges knew she was going to be a writer. She joined the school's newspaper staff and decided journalism was the way to go.

Upon graduating in 1995, she enrolled at Johnson C. Smith University and majored in journalism, all the while working on her novels. While working at the Covington News in Covington, Georgia, Hodges wrote and self-published 'Searching For Paradise.'

After completing her first novel, she tried, unsuccessfully to find an agent and publisher. Determined to share her work with the world, Hodges used the internet publisher

A year later, she completed her first romance novel, 'Revelations.' This time, she found an agent and a publisher that saw the value of her work. Maryland agent Sha-Shana Crichton signed Hodges to her agency and with in months, she had a two-book deal with Genesis Press Inc. 'Revelations' went on to become one of Genesis's best sellers. Fans and critics alike lauded her second Genesis Press novel, 'Cautious Heart'.

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